Boat tour Zrmanja

This touristic boat tour is really great to explore the Zrmanja Canyon, we are leaving from Starigrad to Obrovac to have a short lunch break, Lunch can be included in this tour (fish or chicken) and also drinks such as Rakija, wines, water… After the break the boat is leaving for Novigrad, this lovely fishertown has a nice promenade and ofcourse there is also a section of beach where you can swim in our christal blue water.

PricesFull Package (Kuna)All in (€)Without lunch (HRK)Without lunch (€)
Adults ( + kids older then 13Years)370 HRK50,00 €320 HRK43 €
Kids from 6 to 13Years (*)290 HRK38,70 €240 HRK33 €
Kids under 6 Years(*)50 HRK6,75 €FREEFREE
(*) Accompanied by an adult & Minimum 6 Years Old
Salt Sand Stone JDOO & Partner are not responsible for the loss or damage of your personal items.

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