Salt Sand Stone

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Salt Sand Stone

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Agence de voyage, Salt Sand Stone – Voulez-vous un sur mesure, gastro experienced and/or a more adventurous holiday?

Maybe you are wondering what to do in this vast area of the Balkan, or maybe you want just that little bit more for your luxurious holiday?

Are you sure that you know where you can witness the loveliest places in this magnificent area? Bien, Ne cherchez pas plus loin. Thanks to extended knowledge in history and culture and the fact that our agency is run by licensed guides in Zadar, Croatia, we can offer you the greatest parts of Croatia or any other Balkan country.


We have a wide range of adventurous activities, luxurious accommodations, culinary oriented activities & VIP approach for city excursions and companionship.


We have a wide range of group excursions from boat trips to bus trips throughout the Balkan all tailor made to your needs.

We can make extra arrangements for activities, city guiding, companionship, group gastro experiences in most languages.

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