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City Tour Zadar

Presenting a town, tradition, heritage, lifestyle and culture it is not just a regular job. It’s something bigger, it’s a life goal. I arrived here as a tourist and it appealed me here so much I decided to stay here. Meanwhile, I became a citizen and a licensed local guide in Zadar, the city literally enchanted me by its rich history and its surrounding endless beauty. It gives me a great pleasure to give the people some insight about the local culture, habits, lifestyle and history. It’s not just giving the tour with a nice story, what it really comes to is give the people the sensation of Zadar and Croatia. Through my life I’ve traveled a lot and visited so many beautiful places, and yet Zadar took me for life.

Every corner of our beloved town is filled with amazing historical informations and facts. On our City walk of Zadar you will see the most important places of interest and you will have the chance to taste this famous liquor Maraschino or other delicacies with the licensed guide.

Additional Info:

  • Book the City Tour for 110 Kuna (15 Euro) per person (Kids till 7 years are free)
  • Tour last 1 hour
  • Remplissez le formulaire email ci-dessous sur la page: Nom, Email et votre Message
  • Spécifiez le nombre de personnes et les dates de la participation
  • N'hésitez pas à ajouter d'autres activités à votre liste de souhaits
  • N'oubliez pas de vérifier le reCAPTCHA et appuyez sur envoyer
  • Votre demande sera traitée et vous serez contacté personnellement, svp ajouter à votre liste blanche ou vérifier vos spams

Book Your Tour Here

You can book your tour here or send an inquiry.
HRK 110
  • City Tour one person


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