City Walking Tour Nin

This lovely town and the nearby salt pans are not only stunning, this historical little island seems really small but makes up for it with its richness in history. Talking about history, do you know what the legend says about rubbing the toe? Maybe you just want to know who this person was and why he also has a statue in Split?

On this tour we visit the old town of Nin and the salt pans, witnessing the historical roman ruins , a lot of salt, we will mention local legends, the statues significance and the real truth about this smallest cathedral in the world.


– Private/Group Guiding Nin Walking tour 1h20min: 100 Euro / 750 HRK

– Tour-Leader services per day, without displacement costs: 150 Euro / 1125 HRK

– To join public tours: 15 Euro per person. (Please state in your booking available dates for the tour)

– Optional: Musea, 15 Euro per musea

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